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In the universe of internet and Google, the speed of your website is a priority factor and is one of the main points that can affect the positioning of web pages. For this purpose, it is necessary to proceed with a method of optimizing the site, which allows you to minimize the time that elapses between the request made by the user and the time when the page is fully displayed on your browser.

Mod PageSpeed is active on all Web Hosting services (Low Cost, Professional, Multidomain and Semidedicated), with the exception of the WordPress Hosting service, and aims to automatically improve the optimization of web pages and other resources on a site. The module works in line with the so-called “best practices” developed by Google itself, which are a kind of rules that every webmaster should follow when creating a site.

Its operation is based on the action of filters for rewriting pages and allows developers to greatly improve the performance of blogs and portals, optimizing HTML, JavaScript and CSS sheets and speeding up the loading of images in JPEG and PNG format. To optimize the pages, the module offers about forty filters dedicated to the different components of a web resource. Webmasters and server administrators therefore have the possibility to take advantage of a powerful tool to easily optimize websites and make them faster. The real novelty of Mod PageSpeed is in fact the possibility of automating many of the processes that previously could only be performed manually, thus allowing considerable savings in terms of effort and time.

Mod PageSpeed is provided free of charge to all VHosting customers, the activation is very simple and is done by entering a code in the file .htaccess