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How the payment of the accrued affiliate fees is made

Payment is made in one of the following ways

1. PayPal
2. Bank Transfer

Payment will be made upon presentation of a regular occasional receipt of performance, or invoice.

– In the case of occasional performance receipt, the withholding tax must be 11.5% and must be deducted from the gross total required for affiliations, for example, if the required commissions are 100EUR, the invoice total must be 100EUR-11.5%(withholding)=88.5EUR. VHosting will pay EUR 88.5 to the customer, and EUR 11.5 as a form of state withholding.

– In the case of an invoice, however:
> In the case where, whoever issues the invoice, is not subject to VAT (e.g. minimum system), the total amount to be issued invoice is equal to the exact membership fee required, for example, if the request is EUR 100, the invoice must have the total of EUR 100, exempt from VAT. VHosting, will therefore pay EUR 100 to the customer.

> In the event that, whoever issues the invoice, is subject to VAT, the amount requested for payment of affiliations, is VAT INC, which means that if for example, the amount requested is EUR 100, the invoice must be issued as follows: 81.97EUR+IVA=100EUR

> In the event that, whoever issues the invoice, is not subject to VAT, but to withholding tax and/or INPS cash 4% (or similar) and / or VAT, both options, will be deducted from the amount requested, so if the amount is for example EUR 100, this amount, must be deducted from the INPS expenses and / or withholding tax and / or VAT.

The payment of commissions, is made within 30 days from the issuance of the receipt.

The payment of commissions, is made by calculating the affiliate fee on what is actually paid by the customer. This means that if a customer benefits from an example discount of 50% on the hosting service “Basic 01”, the affiliate fee accrued will be ‘of € 12 and not € 24. This means that the calculation is done on the real price paid by the customer and not on the theoretical one.

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