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You can reactivate an expired domain at a higher cost than the normal renewal price. Restore prices are shown in the table below.

Costs depend on the domain TLD. The cost of restore is required when the domain is in one of the following states: PendingDelete, RedemptionPeriod, Quarantine (depending on the TLD statuses may vary), this cost is a mandatory penalty that must be paid to the competent registry of the TLD purchased.

.it€ 20.00
.eu€ 75.00
.com .net .org .biz .info .name .mobi .me .us€ 99.00
.tv€ 75.00
.in .asia .co€ 150.00
.cc .ws .pro€ 90.00
.bz .adult .design€ 200.00
.xxx€ 500.00
.equipment .gallery .graphics .lighting .photography .directory .technology
.today .bike .clothing .guru .plumbing .singles .camera .estate .construction
.contractors .kitchen .land .enterprises .holdings .ventures .diamonds .voyage
.careers .recipes .photos .shoes .cab .domains .limo .academy .computer .center
.management .systems .company .builders .training .email .solutions .support
.camp .glass .repair .education .institute .sexy .casa .click .diet .hosting.help
€ 135.00

Restore times vary from 24 to 72 hours, depending on the TLD.