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Let’s Encrypt is a certification authority that issues ssl certificates free of charge, greatly simplifying the entire process for obtaining the certificates themselves.
Through a series of simple operations, available inside the PLESK and CPanel control panels, it is in fact possible to enable HTTPS support on a website, in a few simple steps.

Why use Let’s Encrypt?

  • It has no cost, it’s totally FREE!
  • The installation of the SSL certificate is very simple
  • No need to validate the SSL certificate via email
  • No Dedicated IP required, works through SNI
  • Valid for many browers
  • The free renewal, takes place automatically without any intervention by the user

To activate the certificate, simply follow the procedure found in the Control Panel of the website, called PLESK.
For the cPanel, the activation is automatic, and takes place within 24 hours of creating the customer account.