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Dedicated Server / VPS Managed, is the VHosting Solution service that allows you to have one or more dedicated servers or VPS with all the simplicity of a Hosting service. The constant assistance of the purchased service is totally entrusted to the competence and professionalism of our technicians.

The solution of Dedicated Server/VPS Managed provides for the provision of 360-degree systemic assistance throughout the rental contract period of the dedicated server/vps. The solution is strongly recommended to those who wish to outsource the system management of their dedicated server/vps while maintaining the flexibility of configuration of a dedicated solution.

The specific services included are:

  • ProActive Monitoring of all main services (optional)
  • Provision of a control panel to allow the user to manage the most common operations (web, ftp, mail, dns, etc);
  • Hardering and server optimization;
  • Human intervention h24 7/7 365 days on site, in case of hardware failures;
  • Periodic installation of security patches of the operating system;
  • Installation of additional software, after verification of compatibility by our staff (any licensing costs are not included);
  • Possibility to request specific configurations from the customer;
  • Daily backup, on external HDD, dedicated NAS Storage or both (depending on the chosen offer);
  • Disaster Recovery Procedures

The Managed service, is available on the VPS range and dedicated servers in the catalog for the following plans:

VPS Virtual Server SSD Plesk Fully Managed

Dedicated Fully Managed Linux Servers

Dedicated Fully Managed Low Cost Linux Servers