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Monitoring 24 hours a day

The servers are monitored 24/24 – 7/7. This means that the premises are accessible, after authentication with magnetic card, only to employees. The servers are monitored through an internal TV circuit that is able to verify the presence of unauthorized personnel.
At scheduled intervals (every 4 hours) a technician checks the temperature and humidity in the rooms and also checks personally if there are alarms or alerts inside the individual cabinets. If there is any kind of problem, the customer will be notified by e-mail or by telephone, depending on the agreement.

Air-conditioned rooms

The racks are properly ventilated and the rooms are air conditioned so that the servers do not suffer sudden changes in temperature and can work at an appropriate temperature.

Smoke and fire detection system

All server rooms are equipped with smoke and fire detection systems. There are automatic procedures in case of alarm.

Green Ecology

All the data centres we use have the 100% Green Energy brand, so the energy produced is from renewable sources.