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Do you already know which hosting to choose for your project?

Virtual servers (or VPS) come into play when your site needs a considerable amount of resources (amount that cannot be guaranteed by a simple shared plan), or when your project requires specific software configurations.

Compared to shared hosting, a VPS offers greater performance and greater freedom because only you are using it.

A dedicated server is a real physical server, used only by you. Unlike shared hosting or VPS, a dedicated server offers you significantly higher computing power, so your sites have a lot more resources available and your business is safe.

If your business is based on web services, a dedicated server may be the most appropriate choice.

Why choose VHosting?

Satisfaction guaranteed

We offer a money back guarantee on our shared hosting so you can try them without worries.

Hardware always up to date

We periodically test and update the hardware of our servers so that the services you use are always performing.

Redundant DNS

We have set up a DNS network that allows you to receive connections faster, not only from Italy.

Independent mail and hosting

We separate email and hosting shared packages, so the servers that host you are more stable and reliable.

No hidden limits

We configure our systems so that you can take advantage of the plan you have purchased at 100% of its potential.

Transparent prices

If any discounts are removed, the price for the renewal of the services DOES NOT CHANGE compared to that paid for the initial purchase.

We try to offer the best experience with our services.

Here are our favorite opinions about VHosting, left on Trustpilot by our customers.

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